Are you a big fan of the musical Frozen? Then you will surely be happy to know that Frozen Washington will be released in 2024! The world-famous musical is one of the highlights for theaters around the world. So, Washington audiences can look forward to an incredible show. Frozen musical will be performed at the Kennedy Center Opera House at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – Complex, Washington, DC, USA from December 20 to January 21, 2024.As the Frozen tour continues to travel across the United States and many fans look forward to seeing the talented cast perform, book your tickets well in advance. Buy your Frozen Broadway tickets now and be a part of this exciting event!

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Frozen musical Kennedy Center Opera House

What To Expect From Frozen The Musical

The Frozen stage production breathes vibrant life into Disney’s beloved characters Anna and the endearing snowman Olaf as they embark on a quest to rescue Arendelle from an eternal winter. Complemented by a thrilling musical score composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the show features awe-inspiring costume transformations that push the boundaries of imagination.

What does the storyline of Frozen the Musical revolve around?

The Frozen narrative draws inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen’s 19th-century fairytale, The Snow Queen, but receives a Disney makeover in the Frozen musical, retelling the story popularized by the Frozen film.

At the outset of Frozen, the audience is introduced to young princesses Elsa and Anna, residing in a castle where life should be filled with joy. However, Elsa discovers she possesses the power to turn anything she touches into ice. Growing up, Elsa tries to conceal her icy abilities, but on her coronation day, when handed a scepter, the challenge becomes formidable. In response, Elsa flees to her own ice castle, plunging Arendelle into its own icy epoch.

Anna, Elsa’s younger sister, immediately embarks on a quest to rescue her sibling and save the kingdom. Realizing she can’t accomplish this alone, Anna is joined by Kristoff, an iceman, Sven, the reindeer, and Olaf, the snowman. Together, they navigate through a snowstorm, determined to reunite Elsa and Anna and prevent their worlds from being eternally frozen.

Frozen tickets Washington at the Kennedy Center Opera House

Buy tickets for Frozen Washington 2024 and join thousands of happy fans who will gather to see this extraordinary musical. Don’t miss this performance that promises to leave you mesmerized by the magic of an enchanting beloved fairy tale.

Meet Frozen at the Kennedy Center Opera House

The Opera House at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington is rich in history, reflecting the cultural significance of this landmark venue. Opened for the first time on September 8, 1971, the theater has become one of the center’s key spaces for operas, ballets, Broadway shows and other theatrical performances.

Architect Edward Durell Stone gave the Kennedy Center building a grand and sophisticated style, creating an elegant space for a variety of artistic performances. As part of a living memorial to President John F. Kennedy, the Opera House has become a symbol of historic legacy and a place where art in its many forms is embodied.

Where is the musical “Frozen” going on in Washington DC?

Frozen by Disney is staged at the Opera House within the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, situated at 20566 Washington, DC 20566.

To get to the Kennedy Center Washington Opera House, you can use various transportation options, including:

  1. Car:
    The Kennedy Center offers on-site parking, but it can fill up quickly, especially during popular events. It’s advisable to reserve parking in advance if possible. The address for on-site parking is 2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20566.
  2. Rideshare Services:
    You can use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft to drop you off at the Kennedy Center.
  3. Public Transportation:
    The Kennedy Center is accessible by public transportation. You can use the Washington Metro (subway) to the Foggy Bottom-GWU station and then take a free Kennedy Center Shuttle, which operates regularly.

Venue: John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Opera House
2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC, USA, 20566

Cast of the musical Frozen on tour in Washington

The roles of Elsa and Anna in Frozen are played by Caroline Bowman as Elsa and Lauren Nicole Chapman as Anna. Jeremy Davies takes on the role of Olaf, Dominic Dorsetas portrays Kristoff, Evan Duff embodies Weselton, and Colin Budge and Dan Plehal bring Sven to life. New cast members have joined the production: Preston Perez as Hans, Annie Piper Braverman and Emma Origenes as young Anna, and Savannah Lumar, who joins current cast member Erin Choi as young Elsa.

Frozen Washington Opera House Kennedy Center 2024: Seating Chart

The second largest theater in the Center, the Opera House seats 2,364 and was designed for ballet, opera and musical theater. Over the years, the Opera House has welcomed dozens of great dance and opera companies from around the world, and has been host to some of the most significant artistic events of the last quarter century. Highlighted by its distinctive red-and-gold chandelier, donated by Austria, the theater provides an elegant setting for the annual Kennedy Center Awards, the nation’s highest honor for outstanding service to the arts

opera housemap seating chart

Frozen video

Frozen Washington 2024: questions and answers

How to buy tickets for Frozen at the Kennedy Center Theater?

To purchase tickets for Frozen at the Kennedy Center Theater, you can follow these steps. Follow the links above to the official ticketing website. Next, select the date and time of the performance you want to attend and choose your preferred seats from the available options. Once you have selected the seats, add them to your cart and review your order to ensure accuracy and follow the further instructions.

What are the best seats in the Opera House to watch Frozen?

The “best” seats for watching Frozen at the Kennedy Center Opera House can be subjective and depend on individual preferences. However, here are some general considerations to help you choose the ideal seats:

    Orchestra Section:
    Many people prefer orchestra seats for a closer view of the stage. Look for seats in the center of the orchestra section for a balanced perspective.
    Rows in the middle of the theater (not too close to the stage or too far back) often offer a good balance of visibility and comfort.
    Some patrons enjoy the elevated view from the balcony, providing a broader perspective of the stage. Choose seats near the center for the best view.
    Avoid Obstructions:
    Try to avoid seats with potential obstructions, such as pillars or overhangs, as they can impact your view.
    Check the Seating Chart:
    Consult the Kennedy Center Opera House seating chart to get a sense of the layout and choose seats based on your preferences.

When will the musical Frozen take place in Washington?

The musical will run from December 20, 2023 to January 21, 2024.

How long does the performance last?

The running time of the musical is 2 hours 30 minutes

How much does it cost to see the Broadway musical Frozen?

Tickets start at $59

Is the Opera House in Washington, D.C. accessible for wheelchair users?

Of course, the Opera House is wheelchair accessible. Please inquire about special requirements when making reservations.

Is there an age limit for the Frozen show, what age audience is it suitable for?

Yes, there are age restrictions, the musical is for adults and children from 6 years old.

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