Do you like the musical Frozen? Then you’ll probably be excited to know that “Frozen Louisville” is coming out in 2024! This world-famous musical is one of the most anticipated events in the theater world. Audiences will be able to enjoy an amazing show. The musical Frozen will be presented in the Whitney Hall at Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville, KY from January 24 to February 4, 2024. The Frozen Tour continues its journey across the United States, and fans are eagerly awaiting performances from the talented cast. That’s why we recommend booking your tickets in advance. Don’t miss your chance to purchase tickets for the musical “Frozen” right now and enjoy this exciting performance!

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Frozen Louisville

What is the storyline of the musical Frozen?

The main storyline of the musical “Cold Heart” is the story of two sisters. They are heiresses to the throne in the city-kingdom of Erendell. Since birth, one of the sisters Elsa has a unique gift – the ability to freeze everything around her. She has little control over this ability and in moments of emotional breakdowns the magic power leads to unpredictable consequences. Once at a ball, having quarreled with her sister, Elsa shows her power in front of the guests, causing fear in people. In panic, she plunges Erendell into eternal winter and flees to the mountains, where she builds an ice castle for herself and settles in it.

When the ancient prediction comes true and the kingdom is plunged into the embrace of eternal winter, three fearless heroes – Princess Anna, brave Kristoff and his faithful reindeer Sven – go to the mountains to find Anna’s sister, Elsa, who can break the icy spell. Along the way, they will encounter mystical trolls, meet an adorable snowman named Olaf, climb mountains higher than Mount Everest and find magic in every snowflake. Anna and Kristoff will have to pull together and face the mighty elements to save the kingdom and those they care about.

Frozen Tickets Louisville

Buy tickets for Frozen Louisville 2024 and join thousands of fans gathered to enjoy this amazing musical. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a performance that promises to enchant you with the magic of your favorite fairy tale with mysterious trolls, an adorable snowman, a journey to mountains greater than Everest, and the discovery of the magic in every snowflake. Survive the confrontation with the mighty elements to save the kingdom.

See Frozen at the Whitney Hall Theatre at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville, KY

Whitney Hall, a versatile concert venue with 2,377 seats, is well-suited for a wide range of events, from grand touring Broadway productions to the more intimate needs of chamber music ensembles.

Honoring the distinguished former conductor of the Louisville Orchestra, this theater boasts exceptional acoustics, cozy seating, and consistently clear sightlines, ensuring that every audience member can fully relish their theatrical encounter. Currently, Whitney Hall serves as a home to various local arts organizations, including PNC Broadway in Louisville, Louisville Ballet, Louisville Orchestra.

Whitney Hall at Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville: Seating Chart


Louisville Whitney Hall Frozen– How To Get There

501 West Main Street, 40202

Cast of FROZEN’s North American tour in LOUISVILLE

The cast includes Preston Perez as Hans, Annie Piper Braverman and Emma Origenes, performing alternating roles as young Anna. Savannah Lumar joins Erin Choi, they take alternating roles as young Elsa.

Frozen still features Caroline Bowman as Elsa and Lauren Nicole Chapman as Anna, Jeremy Davies as Olaf, Dominic Dorsetas as Kristoff, Evan Duff as Weselton, and Colleen Budge and Dan Plehal alternating as Sven.

Frozen also features Alicia Albright, Belinda Allyn, Kate Bailey, Jack Brewer, Kristen Smith-Davis, K.C. Edwards, Michael Everett, Natalie Goodin, Michael Allan Haggerty, Zach Hess, Tyler Jimenez, Hannah Jewel Cohn, Dustin Layton, Adrianna Rose Lyons, Alexander Mendoza, Kyle Lamar Mitchell, Tony Neidenbach, Jesse Peltier, Renee Reed, Gretel Scarlett, Sammy Schechter, Brian Steven Shaw, Nick Silverio, Daniel Switzer, Natalie Widdom and Peli Naomi Woods.

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Frozen Louisville 2024: questions and answers

How do I buy tickets for Frozen at Whitney Hall at the Kentucky Performing Arts Center?

To purchase tickets for Frozen at Whitney Hall, located at the Kentucky Center, follow these steps. Click on the links above to get to the official ticket office website. There, select the date and time of the performance you want to attend and choose your seats from the available options. Once you have selected the seats, add them to your cart, check your order carefully and follow the further instructions.

When will the musical “Frozen” be playing in Louisville?

The musical will run from January 24 through February 4, 2024.

How long is the musical at Whitney Hall?

The musical is 2 hours and 30 minutes long

How much do tickets cost for the musical Frozen in Louisville?

Tickets start at $59

Is Whitney Hall at the Kentucky Performing Arts Center in Louisville wheelchair accessible?

Of course, Whitney Hall is wheelchair accessible. Please inquire about special requirements when making reservations.

Is there a specific age range for the musical Frozen? What age group is it designed for?

Of course there are age limits, the musical is suitable for both adults and children from 6 years old and up.

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