Wicked Frozen tells the story of Kristen Chenobell, a young actress who puts her career on hold to care for her ailing father, returning home to teach science in a Boston public school. Miss Chenobell’s excitement about her first day leading drama club is thwarted when only one student shows up: Adele Dazeem, a precocious preteen who uses theatrical fantasies as a way to cope with her fears about the world and her troubles at home. When a Boston blizzard traps them both in the classroom, Adele convinces Miss Chenobell to read her magnum opus: Wicked Frozen. Musical theater madness ensues when the dour classroom is transformed into the halls of Shitz University in the magical land of ScandiNorFinDelle, where Elsaba and Glindanna vie for the love of Prince Ikea, and battle the evil foe Cli-MAH-te Chan-JE. As Adele and Kristen's fantasy world spins increasingly out of control, they soon find their own imperfect lives changed…for good. PG-13.

Now playing Off-Broadway at the St. Luke's Theater in Times Square

Shows every Sunday, at 7:30 PM


Tickets available at Telecharge

and by phone at 212-239-6200


Time Out New York Critic's Pick & Featured 'Thing To Do'

"Like an ice capade infused with psychedelic drugs, this musical parody of Wicked and Frozen goes wild to hit every mark a fan could desire. Join a talented cast as they take on characters like Adele Dazeem, Kristen Chenobell and Elsaba and journey through distorted versions of cherished intellectual properties, all with a sharp satirical eye on their surroundings."